God's Redemptive Plan for Aotearoa New Zealand

Matt Renata

24th June 2018

Matt brings a message of the power of understanding and testimony.

"The more you know (and of yourself and God) the more you will understand"

"There is power of the name of Jesus, there is power in our Story and there is power in our word of Testimony"


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Jesus at Rangiaowhia

As Christians, we are called to remember the historical reality of Jesus but thinking historically also has practical consequences. As we dwell on the place and time of Jesus we can begin to see more clearly our own history and place. I reflect on the life of Jesus and what this may mean in relation to Rangiaowhia, a critical place in the colonial history of the Waikato.

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Pentecost Continues 3 June 2018

Chris Beard highlights the work of God is to believe in the one he has sent. Pentecost is not only an event of the past; it continues on today...... here too in the land of the No.3 bus

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Tim Jacomb


Tim brings us a message from Genesis 18. God has revealed the ending at the beginnig now it is up to us to come to the feast.

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