Feedback from The Baptist Church Family Gathering 2014

Naomi Compton, Caroline Drew, and Alan Hackney provide feedback having attended The Gathering of NZ Baptist Churches held at Waitangi. 

Highlights cover:

Naomi's Registration, a service at the Marsden Cross in Oihi Bay;

Caroline's refresh from Keith Newman of the relationship building from Samuel Marsden and Maori chief Ruatara and the Treaty would not have happened without the Missionaries.

Alan's reflection upon 11 year old Julea's vision for the church in 50 years time; and Canon Phil Potters "A new kind of Church" - a mission shaped church illustration from a lake and a river, and River Church examples

Naomi's further reflection on Phil Potters presentation on the need to address values to shift Culture (so Culture does not Eat Vision) through reflection upon Honesty; Humility; Hunger; Harmony; Hurt; Hope.

Andrew Pickard's moving research paper "Confessions of a Recovering Racist: - The Spirit, The Other and Becoming Pakeha; by unpacking personal presumptions growing up as a Pakeha, and confession of ignorance of Maori values; rounded out a strong foundation for reconciliation and building a stronger community from understanding the values of both Maori and Pakeha

Posted on November 23, 2014 and filed under Sermons.