Part 1 - Conversations with Paul Vink on Social Justice

Naomi leads a discussion with guest Paul Vink of covering

  • People closest to Paul and how they have impacted Paul and Wendy's life
  • What has proved to be the single most important factor of Paul's life, being
  • Concern for the extent and depth of abject poverty,
  • Discovering micro loans helped but were no the complete answer
  • Discovering a group that had taken this approach, and combined it with
    • carefully constructed step by step programme
    • learning of skill
    • helping people to help themselves, and then
    • for the assisted people to then help others

In summary the group,

  • Went to the people
  • Loved the people
  • Started with what they had
  • Built with what they knew, and
  • When they left (after 15 years), the people said "we did this ourselves"
Posted on October 12, 2014 and filed under Sermons.