KBC has a new website!

Hi all, welcome to the new and improved KBC website!

The new homepage, with clickable image links

The new homepage, with clickable image links

Since the middle of 2013 the "KBC Website Committee" has been working on this website. Naomi and Mark Compton, Nat and Kristy Johnstone, and Nick and Chelsea Malcolm have been beavering away trying to make a site with a fresher look, with content which is easier to find, and which is easier for the KBC staff to keep updated.

Everything you had before is still here; What's on This Sunday, Sermons & Blogs, and plenty of information on the various events and programmes on at KBC. Click around and see what's new.

We're really happy with the result, and hope you are too. However there are bound to be things we've missed, so please fire an email off to the KBC Office if you have any questions or queries.

A big thanks to everyone who has given their input and time to create this new site.

God bless,

Posted on January 27, 2014 and filed under News.