Is your heart ready?

A lot of the time Christians view heaven as the goal or something to aim for in the future. "If I live a faithful life, or do the right things I’ll get the reward in the end." I’m reminded of the call for us to be a part of God bringing heaven to earth, not to live right and make the grade. When Jesus came he spent a lot of his time telling the religious, that they were actually missing the mark. God is interested in our hearts being prepared for the "new age to come," not in being good enough to avoid eternal damnation when we finally cark it! He’s interested in our character development, not us ticking the right boxes. A question I read the other day reminded me of this goal. When heaven comes, will our hearts be ready for it? Would we get in with our hearts in their current state?

When I think about youth ministry, I get excited by that goal; to Partner with Jesus in bringing his kingdom and helping to shape hearts. A job for parents, youth leaders, elders, mentors and friends alike. In every aspect of our lives we have the chance to join with Christ in his mission. The chance to search, to prepare and to encourage all to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, into the likeness of our Lord and into people who highlight God’s kingdom today!

Posted on November 4, 2013 and filed under From The Pastors.