Faith Centred Homes - A Grandmother's Testimony

Another testimony but this time from a Great-Grandmother.

I think I have passed through the period of being a hands-on grandmother as most of my grandchildren have established their own homes. With the exception of  two of the grandchildren’s homes, all are firmly Christian, and I know that they have their plans in place for continued teaching and training. I have three teenage grandchildren in Australia whose father is a pastor and their mother dedicated to the Lord’s work, so my role now is encouragement when I hear from them that they have had a rededication or some experience which has blest them.

Discussions about things that matter take place with the married grandchildren, but my role now is no more than prayer support, encouragement and talking together, confirming our beliefs.

As for the great grandchildren, I feel that the grandparents and parents of these children are the ones now responsible to take the baton and continue the Christian influence in the race. I am fairly sure that all these parents and grandparents see to the giving of Bible story books and suitable children’s Bibles and the like, while I celebrate their birthdays with money for the moneybox! The grandparents in my family circle would be in the age group of 55 to 65, and the parents in their 30s.

So I think I have passed on the torch and now it is the privilege of the next generation, and the one after that, to be vocal in their experiences of handling the important matter of raising strong Christians .


Posted on November 1, 2013 and filed under Faith Centred Homes.