Miracles Happen

 The next seven days could be a really significant time in our local community! You may have noticed that all the church buildings in Karori have similar signs outside them – saying “Miracles Happen”.

Do they?

These signs are advertising two services, which will happen in Karori during this coming week (Wednesday and Sunday evenings), organised and promoted by the local churches (St. Mary’s, St. Ninian’s, St. Teresa’s, St. Anselm’s and KBC), two services which will the very specific focus of praying for healing. We are going to be meeting together to pray for God to perform miracles in our midst – miracles of healing.

There’s much I don’t understand about God’s healing work. But I do believe that He can heal, and that He does heal – I’ve experienced that in my own life in a pretty remarkable way. And I believe that He wants to heal – wants to “make people whole”. And I believe that He wants us to ask Him to do so – and to keep on asking. A parable that Jesus told has been in my mind for several months now, as I’ve been thinking about healing and praying for people to be healed. It’s the parable of “The Persistent Widow” (Luke 18:1-8). It’s a story which emphasises that our role in seeing God’s healing work happen is FAITH – faith that is expressed in persevering prayer.

Christ healing the paralytic at Bethesda, by Palma il Giovane, 1592

I hope that during this coming week we will see people healed right here in Karori. Even more than that, I hope that as a result God will be honoured in our community. The typical New Testament word for what we often refer to as a “miracle” is the word “sign” – something that points people to the reality and power and love and goodness of God. I hope and pray that there will be many “signs” of God at work seen in Karori this week – and that because of these signs, people will turn to Him to be “made whole”.

I encourage you to come to these meetings this week, and to be prayed for. I encourage you to invite friends, neighbours, family members, work colleagues to come with you, and to be prayed for; as Julia Coleman reminded us last Sunday, the worst thing that can happen when you pray for someone is nothing! I encourage you, as you come, to bring your “little bit of faith” (a mustard seed is enough!), and unite it with the faith of others so as to “open the way” for God to work. And I encourage you to be praying and believing this week that God will reveal signs of His power and goodness in our local community, and will be honoured as a result.

As someone said to me last week – “The fact that the churches are all partnering in something like this means a miracle has already happened!” The Bible says: How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity … That’s where God commands His blessing to flow (Psalm 133).  I believe that it is inevitable that God’s blessing will be flowing in our community this week – because He has promised it.

Posted on October 29, 2013 and filed under From The Pastors.