Upcoming Healing Services

In about a month’s time, there will be two special meetings in Karori focusing on prayer for healing.  These services are being organised by the Karori Combined Churches.  They will take place on the evenings of Wednesday October 30th and Sunday November 3rd, at St Teresa’s Catholic Church, and will be led byFather John Rea, a Catholic priest with a ministry of healing prayer.  Members of all the local churches will be also be involved in praying for healing for anyone who wants to be prayed for.

 As a preparation for these special services, we will be having a Karori Churches “pulpit exchange” on Sunday October 20th.  I will be speaking at St Ninian’s that morning, and Julia Coleman from St Mary’s will be speaking here at KBC.  The theme of the services at all the Karori churches that day will be the healing work of God. 

 Here is a brief “blurb” about Father John Rea …

 Father John Rea has been praying with people for healing since 1974, and has seen many miraculous healings.  In fact, there is often a trail of healings where he goes.  But he makes the point that he’s not the one responsible for these healings.  “I just pray with people for healing,” he says. “The rest is up to the Lord …”  A television reporter once put it to Father Rea that sceptics would say that he is someone who has “just got lucky” with healings from prayer.  “When it happens so frequently, you can hardly call it luck,” was his reply. Father Rea has no set formula for his prayers.  “They are always short and simple and spontaneous.”He says that the one constant in cases where people have been healed is faith.  ”Whether it was the faith of the person being healed; the faith of a parent, or loved one or friend; or the faith of the one praying for healing. … All I do is pray; sometimes people get better, sometimes they don’t.”


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