Lindy Jacomb (Pastor)

Lindy joined KBC early 2016, along with her husband Tim, after completing her Bachelor of Applied Theology and Pastoral Ministry Training at Carey Baptist College .  Lindy enjoys poetry, photography, and exploring the Karori outdoors with her dog Zoe.  One of her favourite things about church is that it is like a big extended family, and what she loves most about Jesus is the way he embodies God's justice and grace.  

From 2019 Lindy stepped into a pastoral role that focuses on young adults at a wider regional level. While that is now her focus, you’ll still see her around KBC primarily involved in youth.


Tim Jacomb (Team Lead Pastor)

Tim joined KBC early 2016, along with Lindy. Tim enjoys reading, wood working, and tinkering around the house. Prior to coming to KBC, Tim had worked as a qualified builder and has also completed his Masters of Applied Theology and Pastoral Ministry Training at Carey Baptist College.   

One of the things he most loves about the Christian faith is the message of hope found at its core. If you want to make Tim’s day, ask him why Christian theology makes a difference for life.

You can contact Tim on


Viv Johnstone (Office Manager)

Viv is married with four wonderful adult children, and isn’t lying when she says that running and hitting the gym are some of her favourite things.  One of the things she loves most about Jesus is that he knows everything about her, and that he cares so deeply.   She is passionate about supporting others in their roles, so that they can operate at their best.

Viv's office hours are Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Friday 10.00am to 5.00pm, and a couple of hours on Thursday mornings.  

You can contact her with queries about church life on


Murdina Barrett (Operations Manager)

Murdina joined KBC in 2010. She is married to Owen and she loves being with family and friends.  Murdina enjoys travel and meeting with people from different cultures. She also likes to be creative, currently her interest is in jewellery making.  What she appreciates about KBC is its make up is so diverse in all areas of life, experience and background. She deeply values seeing how God speaks into each person’s life where they are at and working through people to support our community and beyond.


Pat Thomson (Children and Families’ Worker)

Pat joined KBC in July 2018. She is married to Justin and they have 2 children, Chad and Erin. Before KBC, Pat worked at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Children's Ministry and completed her Graduate Diploma in Theology and has a Bachelor of Primary Education Degree. Pat and her family love doing things together, whether it’s sport, staying home, crossfit, venturing outdoors, crazy long walks or watching movies. What Pat loves about the Church, are the people, gathering to worship and learn and gathering to care for and help each other. She is always blown away by how kind and loving God is.


Eli Smith (Youth Worker)

Before joining KBC in 2018, Eli studied a Bachelor of Commerce at Victoria University. His key areas of study were Economics and Public Policy. He can often be found talking to people about theology, politics or Netflix.
One thing Eli loves about the church is the way it brings people of different backgrounds together around a shared experience of the risen Christ.


Liz Johntone, Paul Wallis, Brian Dobbie and Mike Hamilton-Jenkins

Pastoral Carers

One of our Pastoral Carers would love to meet with you. Please contact Viv in the office for their contact information.