iconz4girlz is an action packed programme for kiwi girls, offering them a safe environment in which to have adventures, learn new skills, and make new friends. We meet weekly and our programme includes spiritual, physical, adventure, community service, and interest topics, in a mix of both outdoor and indoor activities (to suit the seasons!). A typical night at IFG includes games, devotions or a Bible lesson, and activities that go towards earning some funky badges! At the end of each term we have a family night where the girls receive the badges they've earned that term, and their families get to join in the IFG fun for the night!

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At Karori IFG we are running three age groups:

IFG Explore for Years 1-4
IFG Adventure for Years 5-8
IFG Ultimate for college age girls

Contact ifgkarori@gmail.com

IFG is run in churches throughout New Zealand – for more about the programme check out our website at www.iconz4girlz.org.nz.

Term One Happenings

Term One has been a busy one for us!

Explore started on their Spinnerz badge, learning bike and scooter skills and safety. They have also been working on their Foot Ralliez badge where they have been going on scavenger hunts, and making their own scavenger hunts for their friends to do.

We've hardly seen Adventure this term as they've been off on so many trips! They have been earning their My Community badge where they have been visiting different places in Karori, then learning about safety for their SafeAz badge. A highlight for many of the girls was going to the fire station and learning how to use the hose, and when a guest came in from Wellington Free Ambulance they enjoyed it so much they asked if she could come back again!

Ultimate set their own program, choosing from a selection of challenges and then deciding how they will meet the challenge. They began the year by investigating what 'discipleship' is and are now working on their Current Affairs badge, looking at people of influence in the media.

We caught the last of the summer sun and went on camp at Paekakariki, with the older girls staying for the weekend and the younger ones coming up to join us for the Saturday. The theme of our camp was Wizard of Oz: use your brain, have a heart, show courage, then go back home, and in our devotional times we looked at what the Bible tells us about wisdom, love, courage, and thought about how we could use this when we went home from camp.


We were lucky to have fantastic weather and a lot of time was spent on the beach engaged in some serious sand castle building activity. We also visited the tram museum and rode the tram, had a pamper night, watched movies, made crafts, and had a picnic in QE park.